Sending your newsletters

During an email campaign, the appearance of your communications is just as important as their content. That’s why we propose to accompany you in the management of your campaigns. The creation of your newsletters, from their design to their layout through their development is supported by us.

Easy to set up, fast and targeted, an email campaign proves to be a particularly effective means of communication to retain your customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Email campaign with MailChimp

For sending your newsletters and promotional emails, we use the MailChimp platform. Indeed, its price and ease of use make it one of the best in its class. In addition, it offers all the necessary options, from the management of mailing-lists through complete statistics.

We can also create your account, configure it according to your needs and provide you with all the necessary explanations to take care of your campaigns. Thereby when everything is ready, all you have to do is press the send button!

campagne emailing

How does it work?




Set up

… the visual aspect of your newsletter. The best techniques are used to make your email perfectly displayed both on a computer screen or on your smartphone.



… of your campaign. Set it up with ease then track and analyze its performance with detailed stats: clicks, open rates, conversion rates, etc.